(Age: 2 to 8 weeks)

Older newborn sessions capture your baby’s 1st few weeks with a set of beautiful baby and family portraits. Preserving your unique and special memories. The early days can feel a little crazy adjusting to your new life with a baby so it is very normal to waiting to bring your baby into the studio.

What is the difference between a newborn photoshoot (6 to 14 days)

versus an older newborn shoot (2 weeks to 8 weeks)?

For newborn babies within the 6 to 4 days Newborn Sessions, babies are usually more comfortable moving into the different poses. A newborn baby this age with a full tummy and no wind can sleep and moved around quite easily and does not mind being posed in a variety of cute newborn positions.

However, older newborn babies with the 2 to 8 week time period, feed more often so their window of sleep is shorter as a baby this age have longer periods of being awake. Older newborns are starting stretch out and don’t enjoy being wrapped up too tightly.


Why should I consider an older newborn photoshoot?

Your baby will be tiny once-in-your-lifetime and is changing very quickly. This is unfortunately the reality of a newborn baby. Preserving these memories of this unique time in your life is captured in exquisite newborn photography.

Older newborn babies are so adorable as their eyes sparkle and their personality flows through their images. You will obtain images of your baby in good lighting awake or possibly asleep, posed in bowls and wearing specially made outfits. I encourage family images for this age as this is such a wonderful opportunity to mark this beautiful time in your life together.

Gorgeous older newborn was 8 weeks in this video.

A baby led approach to older newborn photography

As I work through the session I’ll take a baby led approach. I will pickup from you and you baby what your baby’s preferences. For example many babies do not like to sleep on their tummys.

I will never force your baby into a position that they are not comfortable in. My priority is that your baby is comfortable and safe throughout the shoot.

Before your shoot we will discuss your preferred colours of blankets and wraps.

At the studio, I have a huge selection of gorgeous blankets in soft, neutral and a variety of colours. Freshly laundered before each session.

Usually I work with colours that work lovely together and will achieve a cohesive look throughout your image gallery. This will make your time a lot easier should you wish to create a print or canvas collection for your wall, the images will work well in your home or you may want to create an printed album.

Before the session, we will discuss which colours you would like to choose and if you are not sure I can help you with your decision.

Choosing the colours will also help with determining which colour wraps and outfits you would like me to use in your images. The main goal is to use colours, wraps and outfits in order to bring the best focus to your baby. Usually simple backgrounds and texture achieves this very well.

Including Sentimental Items in your Photo Shoot

Special crocheted blankets by granny or a special toy or any special item can brought tot he studio. I always ask if you share an image of of this before you come to the studio so I can plan to co-ordinate it within on the setups. 

These are your images of you memories. Sentimental items are always welcome. 

Do I need to bring clothes for my baby to wear at our older newborn session?

You don’t need to bring anything for your newborn baby to wear during the session – just an outfit to take them home in afterwards.

During the session, I will use blankets, wraps and specially created outfits you’ve chosen from my collection to wrap your baby and keep them comfortable and secure.

newborn baby asleep with brother

What should the rest of the family wear?

Choose a colour palette

Having a co-ordinated colour scheme to base everyone’s outfits on can really help to bring your photographs together and give them more impact.

I recommend choosing a maximum of one or two colours that you will base everyone’s outfits around. Neutral colours always work best with newborn images which include greys, whites, creams and navy wor well.

Once you have chosen your colours, choose an outfit for each person that fits into the colour scheme.

Keep it simple

It helps to avoid patterns and clothes with writing, logos and pictures on them as these are very distracting and will age your images far more quickly.

Co-ordinate, rather than match

When choosing each member of the family’s outfits bear in mind that the goal is to co-ordinate and not to match. You don’t need everyone to wear the same thing just for everyone to look good together.


older newborn
older newborn
older newborn

What do we need to bring with us?

At the studio I have some of the things you may need like a changing mat, feeding pillow, nappy bags and water wipes. So you don’t need to bring these things unless you want to.

The things that I recommend are:

  1. Nappies – bring more than you would normally just you baby is having a day where they are going through more nappies than usual.

  2. If you are bottle feeding, bring a few extra feeds that normal as we may need them.

  3. If you are using a dummy, please bring it a long because this is very, very useful to soothe your baby while moving between shots.

newborn baby with father and brother

What happens on the day of your shoot?

On the day of your session, you can park infront of my home and take advantage of our free parking. Once you are in the studio, your can make yourself comfortable and we will briefly chat about how the session will flow. You will also have an opportunity to have a look at the selection of props that I have set out for you and see if there is anything you don’t want in your images.

During the shoot, I will bring the family into some of your images. I’ll include each parent, sibling portraits and pictures of the whole family.

At the studio, I have tea, coffee and bottled water and plenty of biscuits for you to enjoy whilst I am photographing your baby. Feel free to bring your own if you want to.

I also have samples of albums, prints and frames items I offer. You may find you might want to look through these too.

How long does an older newborn session take?

Older newborn sessions typically last 2 to 3 hours. 

The reason for this is every bay is very different and every day with each baby is very different.

Sometimes babies are settled through all the photographs. Sometimes they need a couple of breaks for a feed, nappy change or just a cuddle with a parent in which case things may take a little longer.

I work with each baby’s pace and individual needs. I try and create a good variety of images for your final gallery so it all depends on how you baby is on the day. I safely allocate a minimm of 4 hours so I am able to deliver the best possible images to you at the end  of your shoot.

older newborn boy with knitted rabbit in bowl

How do we see our images?


7 to 10 days after your session I’ll send you your private online gallery where you can see your fully edited gallery of photographs from your session. 

Your USB will be prepared and will be delivered to you by Royal Mail and processed as “1st Class, signed for”.

Should you wish to choose albums or any other printed products this could take up to 4 to 6 weeks.

How much does an older newborn session cost?

Your can find my current older newborn session pricing here:

This is great,  how do I book?

If you are ready to book an older newborn session for your baby, please send me a message below.

I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Once we’ve settled a date for your session, I’ll send you a booking agreement and invoice for your session fee and when these are returned your session is confirmed.

Then we can get started with planning your session!