Baby Photography

                                                            (Babies 3 to 13 months)

The 1st year of your baby’s life is a remarkable year. It is quite hard to believe that your tiny little newborn will be reaching so many milestones in such a short period. For parents who may or may not have captured their baby at the newborn stage, there are so many beautiful stages that you can look forward to.


A very basic guide for the 1st year include:

Finding my Toes: around 3 to 5 months

Sitting and possibly crawling: 6 to 10 months

First Steps: around 1 year and onwards


I am very careful when I write these stages because every baby is unique and develops at different rates. It is more important to enjoy your time with your baby and if you reach a stage that you are really enjoying and you want to capture that stage then have a look at booking your baby in for a milestone shoot.

Baby Photography Shoots are a great opportunity for new family images documenting your special family.

baby photography
baby photography
baby photography
baby photography
baby photography
baby photography
baby photography
baby in bucket with flower bonnet
baby in a fuit bath baby photographer
baby with family in photo studio
baby with older brother and sister laughing
baby girl lying on back touching toes
baby photography
baby photography
baby photography
baby girl on pink shaggy carpet touching toes
baby photography
baby photography
baby photography
baby in bath with lamb bonnet and tutu
baby sitting with tutu and necklace and baby photoshoot
baby in bath baby girl
baby in strawberry milk bath
Baby boy sitting in a wooden bowl
baby milestone baby session crawling baby
baby standing my tree in baby photoshoot

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watch me grow sign

“Watch me Grow” is the perfect opportunity to capture the special milestones for your baby’s 1st year.

After your newborn shoot, your baby will start changing and becoming more independant throughout the year. Smiles, giggles, touching their toes, sitting, crawling, walking.

There is no perfect time for your baby to achieve these different milestones. This is only a general guide for capturing your baby throughout the year.

The milestones are quite helpful as they also help spread your shoots out over the first year so you can capture your baby growing and changing.

I have captured many babies throughout the year and it staggering how your little baby changes over the course of only 1 year. It is very special to have had the opportunity to document these special and unique changes.


A general guide to what your baby may be doing at different stages of the 1st year!

3 to 5 months – toes! (Your baby will be lying on their back and bring their toes up with complete intrigue)

6 to 9 months – sitting (suddenly your baby sees the world upright and everything looks so different)

10 to 12 months – suddenly one knee infont of the other – crawling has begun. Mobility has arrived.

12 months and onwards – put your running shoes on folks! This is when things get very interesting. Walking stage!

So what is “Watch Me Grow”?

“Watch me Grow” is a collection of 2 mini photoshoots and 1 birthday / family photoshoot with these spread evenly over the 1st year capturing the various milestones.

After capturing many, many babies this way, I realised the best investment is to capture your baby 3 times during the 1st year.

1. Toes (3 to 5 months)

2. Sitting and Crawling (8 to 10 months)

3. Walking / Birthday Photoshoot (12 months onwards)

If this is something you would enjoy, please go to our “Watch Me Grow” pricing page

which will explain the special savings you will receive. Just click on the button below.

baby lying on tummy smiling
baby boy smiling
baby in a tub with balloons in birthday shoot